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Samuel – Burstein Accountants was established in 2005 by Esteban Borstein and Nir Samuel. The Firm provides a spectrum of accounting and financial services including: Review and Preparation of Financial Statements, Tax Reports, Preparation of Profit and Loss and Balance Statements, Internal and Investigative Audits, Financial and Economic Advice, Company Formation, Tax Planning, Self-Disclosure in the Land, Representation on behalf of clients to Tax Authorities (Income Tax, Social Security, VAT and receiving tax “rulings”).

The Firm has extensive experience and expertise in providing service to companies in the Hi-Tec Industry, including guiding companies through all stages of their development (Foundation, Start-up, Preparation for Investment Rounds). Along side this the firm also has many years of experience in providing services to the non-profit sector (Charities and Not For Profit Corporations).

The Firm provides professional services to companies, non-profits, and self-employed businesses of all sizes and from the spectrum of the economy, among them: Trading Companies, Retail, Service Providers, Real Estate Developers, Holding Corporations and Real Estate Corporations. 

Among the Firm’s clients are Privately Held Hi-Tech Corporations, some of them are the industry leaders and some are in substantial growth processes with extensive international activity. 

Service Providers and Marketing Companies. Non-Profit Institutions, Partnerships, and Individuals are among the Firm’s clients.

Samuel – Borstein Accountants, serve as an integral planning team for their clients and partner in the day to day challenges that our clients face. We are the first stop for consultation and growth planning. Over the years the Firm has set a very high standard for the service we provide our clients which includes:

  1. Assessing the Expectations of the client.
  2.  Analysis of the client’s needs, as they relate to the professional and service needs.
  3. Provision of an analysis of the client’s business.
  4. Acceptance of regular feedback as to the quality of the Firm’s work for the client. 

Samuel-Burstein Accountants – aims to be available to the client at all times and to all the challenges that the client faces,  therefore we make available our experience and contacts, in-order to provide individual, professional and experienced service.

Estaban Burstein

Accountant, Founding Partner Married to Orit and Father to Leon, Harel and Aviv. Birth Date: 21.10.1977 B.A. in Business Administration with an accounting emphasis. M.A. in Accounting, Bar Ilan University. Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (ICPAI). Board Member of the Jerusalem CPA Association. Member of the Tax Committee and Chairman of the Jerusalem Bituach Leumi Contact Committee. Member of the Mentoring Team of the ICPAI. Served as a Senior Manager at the ‘Big 4’ corporation - Deloitte
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Nir Samuel

Accountant, Founding Partner Married to Ravit and Father to Itai, Tamar and Nadav. Birth Date: 17.3.1976 B.A. in Accounting and Economics, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem
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