:Office servicve

Corporate Auditing, Review and Preparation of Financial Statements

The Auditing Department of our Firm provides Accounting Services along with Auditing of Financial Statements for Hi-Tech Corporations, Private Companies and Non-Profits.

CPA services are provided to business owners, share holders, self-employed, employees, companies, non-profits and more. The services include auditing, tax services and other accounting related services.

Audited financial statements prepared by a CPA, provide exact and up-to-date information, related to the financial health of the company, assist with reaching decisions to improve and preserve the business. These financial statements are submitted to the tax authorities at the end of the tax year and therefore it is crucial to have a high level of knowledge related to the business, enabling the preparation of the report in a professional and skilled manner. These financial statements are also necessary for all interactions with the banks and investors in relation to attaining corporate loans and investments.

Our office also provides ongoing services throughout the year which include:

  • Preparation of monthly orquarterly statements.
  • Tax exposure review and planning several times a year.
  • Updates related to law and tax changes.
  • Business guidance and advice throughout the tax year.
  • Representation on behalf of the cto the tax authorities.
  • International Taxation issues.
  • Personal annual filings for shareholders and wealth statement reports.

Controller and Finance Management

   Controller Services:

Controller services allow the organization to create and support a stable financial environment, which then enables the organization to make decisions and apply system processes in an efficient way and to ensure that the organization and its financial activities are carried out properly.

Among other services:

Development and application of reports for the management and shareholders.

  1. Development and application of reports for the management and shareholders.

  2. Monthly profit and loss, balance, and cash flow reports.
  3. Specialized Repor

Financial Management:

CFO services, are the taking-on of the responsibility of for all financial processes, the review and establishing of best business practices, initiation and preparation of comprehensive solutions for gamut of financial and management needs of the organization.

Among other services:

  1. Responsibility for all the oversight and review of the financial department.
  2. Preparation of best business practices related to financing, purchasing, payments, travel and directives re: employees etc.
  3. Planning, approval and keeping in line of annual
    budgets for the company

Audit of Non-Profits and Financial Statements

Our Firm provides a wide variety of services for non-profits:

  • Audit service, including financial statements, internal and external audit services (as our state in the Amuta (Charity) Law.
  • Tax services, including: Tax planning, VAT, Deductions, Real Estate Taxation, Assistance in receiving governmental approval of tax-deductible donation status (Item 46) and ongoing tax services.
  • Risk assessment, including performance of review, establishment and writing of proper procedures etc.
  • Provision of accounting advice regarding ongoing issues and solutions for special situations.
  • Assistance in implementation of regulatory requirements, including the preparation of the annual written reports and in-depth audits.
  • Preparation of qualified accounting opinions, taxation, and other professional areas.
  • Assistance in the preparation of assistance requests from governmental and other bodies, and work to attain relevant approvals.
  • Preparation and guidance with recovery plans.
  • Non-Profit Advice, including preparation, implementation and review of work plans and budgets.

Tax Advice

Tax Advice Services are given in a number of areas:

1.Performance of  quality control of annual tax reports for our clients and representation on their behalf with the relevant tax authorities.

2.Tax planning.

3.Periodic reports in cooperation with the clients to assess the implementation and updating of tax plans.

4.Representation on behalf of clients with tax authorities in Israel = Discussions related to tax assesses, VAT, national insurance and deductions.

5.Special approval with banks and institutions.

6.Ongoing advice for the clients of the Firm including  provision of qualified opinions.

Bookkeeping and Payrolls

:The Firm’s Bookkeeping department provides

Single Entry (one-sided) Bookkeeping

Especially suitable for self-employed including both VAT registered and non-registered individuals

Single Entry Bookkeeping includes among other things, preparation of receipts, salary-slips, filing of bi-monthly reports, which provide up to date evaluation and reporting to the various tax authorities: VAT, income tax and national insurance

Double Entry Bookkeeping

:Suitable for Companies

Double Entry Bookkeeping includes among other things, in-depth preparation of receipts, salary-slips, filing of bi-monthly reports that give an up to date evaluation, monthly balance and profit and loss regarding: Banks, clients, service providers, etc. Reporting to the various tax authorities: VAT, income tax and national insurance, and professional guidance in regard to annual expenses

The Firm also provides Payrol Services. This service includes preparation of pay slips, reporting to tax authorities: Employer income tax deductions and national insurance responsibilities and bi-annual national insurance reporting and annual income tax deductions

We stand ready to assist the employer on an ongoing basis with issues that arise related to labor laws, social benefits, women’s employment rights, foreign workers, vacation, recovery time, work contracts, deductions, severance and pension responsibilities. Our firm also provides legal and professional support in regard to all labor related issues

Internal Audits

Our Firm offers a variety of services that help the organization reach its goals, evaluate the risks, and offer solutions to prevent them. These services include:

  • Investigative Audits – With the purpose to discover or dismiss financial irregularities  of the company or institution.
  • Internal General Audits – Evaluation of processes, preparation and review of the implementation of work procedures, etc.
  • Financial Services – Business advice form an economic and accounting perspective.
  • Risk assessment – location and discovery of various risks and establishment of markers aimed at reducing and preventing them.
  • Business Advice- This service includes preparation of business plans and tools to better evaluate decision making, efficiency and more.

Payroll Management

The Firm provides payroll management services This service includes the preparation of pay slips, filing of monthly reports to the relevant tax authorities: Income Tax Deductions and National Insurance for employers and semi-annual to National Insurance, and annual reporting to the Income Tax Department. We are always readily available to the employer related to ongoing issues related to labor law, social benefits, woman's labor laws, foreign workers, vacation pay, recovery leave, employment contracts, pension contributions and severance payments. Additionally our Firm provides professional legal support related to any labor law issues